HTC Vive gets a £70 UK price hike thanks to Brexit

HTC Vive

If you’re in the camp of Brits hoping to escape the seemingly impending economic doom caused by Brexit by jumping into Virtual Reality well then get ready for yet more bad news.

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HTC have set a £70 price rise for the Vive headset in the UK from £689 to £759 for this Monday to offset the free-falling pound against the dollar.

Since the UK’s referendum to leave the EU succeeded by a narrow 3% margin on June 23, other tech companies have taken note that Sterling’s plummet to a new low is making imports technically cheaper on the island nation.

Both Dell and mobile manufacturer OnePlus have enacted their own price rises since, with a similar 10% range of increases to compensate for the currency’s loss in value.

So if you’re planning to jump into a fantastical new world this summer, we suggest taking the plunge this weekend if you want to save a few quid.