Hulking great War of the Roses patch introduces Gallowglass mercenaries, substantially rebalances game

War of the Roses

I’m not kidding about the size of this patch. War of the Roses has almost 5Gb of updates to download and while the new additions are relatively light, being the Gallowglass Mercenary Pack, the whole game has been given a good going over.

The new Gallowglass items include a bastard sword and two axes, a suit of armour and a helmet. The changes made to the game include… well, you’d better click through.

Here’s a comprehensive list, courtesy of Paradox:

Armour now reduces incoming by these amounts:

  • Cloth removes 10% damage
  • Leather removes 20% damage
  • Mail removes 30% damage
  • Plate removes 60% damage(Damage needs to end up over 15 to pass through and is then modified by hit zones)
  • Hit zone damage has been modified
  • Absorbed hits no longer interrupt actions

Weapons have had damage changes across the board and in general work as follows:

  • Maces pass through Armour but deal less damage overall
  • Axes have the highest damage with lower speed
  • Thrust damage has been reduced to compensate for Armour penetration

Parrying has been changed:

  • To remove network related issues there’s now a slight delay before parrying activates
  • Daggers can no longer parry incoming attacks
  • Shaft hits can now be parried

Movement alterations:

  • Overall movement speed has been raised slightly
  • Double Time comes into effect sooner and reaches max speed quicker

Perk changes:

  • Thick Skinned perk now has slightly reduced absorption bonus
  • Armour training reduces encumbrance by 25%, up from 20%
  • Hardened reduces revive time by 25%, down from 80%

Chat rework:

  • Chat is now scrollable with the mouse wheel
  • Blur has been fixed
  • Player name is highlighted

Also fixed:

  • Unmodified revive time is now 6 seconds for both reviver and revivee.
  • Removed “invisible” collision on bear helmet

Known issues:

  • In some resolutions names in chat “look a bit weird”
  • Weapons may break too often