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Humble Bundle have raised over $100 million for charity

humble bundle 100 million charity

The very first Humble Indie Bundle launched over seven years ago, offering some indie classics like Aquaria, World of Goo, and Penumbra: Overture at a price of whatever you wanted to pay, and it gave you a chance to send your game-purchasing proceeds straight to charity. It proved a tremendous success, and now Humble Bundle is one of the biggest digital game stores this side of Steam. Today, Humble Bundle have announced that they’ve generated over $100,000,000 for charities all over the world.

Humble Montly October 2017

They’ve been leading the charge in helping gamers get in touch with their charitable side, and after initially working with a small selection of charities like Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, they’ve dramatically expanded their charity options to a list encompassing thousands. That list includes the American Red Cross, charity: water, Action Against Hunger, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Mental Health Foundation.

Their annual streaming promotion with Yogscast brought in $2.4 million last year alone, and the Humble Freedom Bundle raised $6.7 million for Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee, and the American Civil Liberties Union in response to the US immigrant ban.

Humble Bundle began as a collaboration between two guys still living with their parents, but now encompasses a massive digital distribution platform selling PC and mobile games alongside ebooks and software bundles. They’ve taken a turn at publishing, and now offer a monthly subscription service with a curated selection of indie titles.

The current bundle is a selection of titles published by Sega, Capcom, and Atlus. They’ve also got free copies of Psychonauts to give away today, so jump on that. They’re, uh, also currently doing a special selection of games featuring busty anime girls. It’s okay, you can tell your significant other that you’re only playing HuniePop for the match-threes.