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Here are your Humble Choice games for February 2021

The latest Humble Choice bundle puts the power of eldritch gods and anime on your side

It’s February. Romance is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time for the latest Humble Choice bundle to offer up a selection of games about surviving the trenches of anime warfare, confronting Lovecraftian horror, and trying not to die while lost in the Alaskan wilderness. …oh. Well, while the latest Humble Choice selection isn’t exactly seasonally appropriate, it is packed with a whole lot of rad games.

Grab the latest Humble Choice bundle here. As ever, the monthly subscription service offers a variety of pricing tiers which get you access to your choice of titles from the 12 included in this month’s bundle, as well as a Humble Store discount and access to the Humble Trove, a rotating selection of DRM-free games.

The highlights this month include Valkyria Chronicles 4, the most recent entry in Sega’s beloved series of strategic RPG games. There’s also the sci-fi take on 4X games of Endless Space 2, and an extremely metal take on Contra-style platform games with Valfaris. If you’re looking for a local co-op multiplayer games, then Moving Out has had plenty of buzz, as well.

Rounding out the collection, we’ve got Outward, Trine 3, Train Station Renovation, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, Iris and the Giant, and Boomerang Fu.

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There are plenty of free PC games out there, too, if you’re looking to game on a budget.