The new Humble GameMaker Bundle makes the software to create your own games cheap

Humble Gamemaker Bundle

There have been a few software-focused Humble Bundles recently, offering licenses and game development tools for cheap. The new one – which is now live – is a ‘Humble Re-Bundle’, a redo of the Humble GameMaker Bundle which ran in September 2016, but with some added bonuses this time around.

Maybe use our list of the best indie games as inspiration for your first creation?

The key thing for the bundle is that you get a copy of GameMaker: Studio Pro at the Pay What You Want tier – it’s software aimed at being accessible to all, with the capability for you to make, well, whatever you want. Also at that tier is a number of games, some of which come with their source code open for you to root through. You could use them as inspiration, or just look through the code to see how things work.

Above that is the ‘beat the average’ tier, which currently sits at $10.88 (£8.24), which includes a module for working with HTML, three games (one of which includes the source code), and the source code for four other games made in GameMaker.

Finally, the $15 (£11.36) tier includes the source code for the games Home and Solstice, the game and source code for Flop Rocket, and modules for Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform development.

The charity selected for this bundle is WaterAid America. You can see more about the bundle on the official site. It’s running for another 13 days, then this bundle is gone forever!