Humble Indie Bundle 21 has more cheap PC games for Humble’s ten-year anniversary

Ten years of cheap indie bundles continue

Back in May 2010, the very first Humble Indie Bundle launched with a host of excellent indie games, and brought in over a million dollars for both charities and those small devs. Ten years later, Humble Indie Bundle 21 is here with a fresh collection of great games at pay-what-you-want prices.

You can follow this link to grab Humble Indie Bundle 21 for yourself. $1 will get you arcade-y murder-em-up Hotline Miami, police simulator Beat Cop, and updated janitorial platformer, Dustforce DX. Beat the average price – currently $7.35 USD – and you’ll get the RPG shopkeep sim, Moonlighter, and the monochrome metroidvania, Gato Roboto. Pay the full $15 USD, and you’ll get the Geocities nostalgia trip, Hypnospace Outlaw and the sci-fi Terraria-like, Starbound.

All those games can be redeemed on Steam, and there are more games to come. An additional set of games will join the bundle on Tuesday, May 19 at 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 19:00 BST – you’ll get those if you’ve paid a beat-the-average price at the time of your purchase.

The supported charities this time around include Save the Children, Crisis Text Line, and Child’s Play.

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In its decade so far, Humble’s bundles have raised over $10 million, and it seems the promotions are continuing strong from here. You can also subscribe to Humble Bundle for a continual flow of excellent games that get to keep forever.