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Civilization 6 plus the Australia DLC is the next Humble Monthly

Civilization 6 Humble Monthly

For $12, you can do an awful lot worse than an infinitely repeatable simulation of all of history. That’s Humble’s offering for the February Monthly, their subscription series that sees you get $100 worth of games for $12 a month. They will be revealing more as we get closer to the end of the month, but for now it’s still a pretty good deal.

Civ 6 Humble Monthly

Base Civilization VI is pretty good but this also comes with the Australia pack, which adds that nation plus a scenario to play them in and a couple of other bonuses. There’s also the Viking scenario pack, a significantly less impressive add on that puts in a few new natural wonders and city states and has an impressive 92% negative rating on Steam. Still, consider it a freebie.

Of course, Firaxis and 2K don’t mind you grabbing Civ VI so cheap because the Rise & Fall expansion is just around the corner. That includes a massive amount of new stuff and will be £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99. However, all the quality of life updates will be part of a free patch, or at least they have been for Civilization games in the past.

There’s also further batches of civilization DLC to pick up, if you’re into it. They’re all interesting mixes on the main game, but we wouldn’t recommend picking it all up at once unless you know you’re going to play a ridiculous amount of Civ. Grab the Humble Monthly here.