Get Quake Champions and Elder Scrolls Online for $12 in November’s Humble Monthly


The latest Humble Monthly bundle comes via Bethesda, and includes Quake Champions, the Elder Scrolls Online, and the Elder Scrolls: Legends.

You can get bonus content for each of the three games when you acquire them through Humble. Quake Champions comes with 50 shards, 100 platinum, 2,000 favour, and the Ranger and BJ Champions unlocked. ESO comes with 750 crowns and 15 days of ESO Plus, the game’s subscription service, which includes DLC access, exclusive cosmetics, pay-to-skip perks and other benefits. Legends comes with two Skyrim card packs, an event ticket, 100 gold, and 100 Soul Gems.

Humble Monthly costs $12 per month, for which you get regular bundles of multiple games.Click hereto check out the details over at Humble.