Humble Origin Bundle augmented with Populous and C&C: Red Alert 3 – Uprising

Red Alert 3

Update: Tiny UK charity GamesAid have been added to Bundle’s list of beneficiaries. They harness the talents of games industry types to raise funds for children’s charities in the UK, as well as for education, health, housing and welfare initiatives abroad. They’ve missed the first nine days of sales, though, so could do with a bit of a push.

Before Command & Conquer 4 rewrote the formula so that it didn’t quite add up and reduced everything to dust, there was EA LA’s standalone Red Alert 3 expansion, Uprising. And lo, it was quite good.

Long before that, there was Populous. You probably know all about that one.

Pay more than the average for a Humble Origin Bundle and you’ll get both, alongside a cross-selection of EA’s recent finest.

The average currently sits at a diddly $4.84 – in almost exactly the same spot as a week ago – so I don’t imagine there’s any need to rush. You’ve still five days to get around to deciding to sort your pre-Christmas playlist in one financially-sound swoop. That’s an extra four days spent with five dollars in your pocket, right? With interest. Definitely better to wait rather than Buy it. Right. Now.

More than 1,760,000 copies have been sold at time of writing, to the tune of over $8,500,000 for a handful of very reputable charities: the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. It’s proven popular enough to become the fastest-selling Humble Bundle in the company’s busy history.

Pay what you like, as is the Humble Bundle way, and you’ll get soundtracks for both Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 (I’m finding Build Mode to be the perfect accompaniment to an industrious afternoon). Pay over a dollar to grab Dead Space, its threequel, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirror’s Edge and Medal of Honor, and over the average to bag Battlefield 3, The Sims 3 and the two new arrivals.

I did say recent finest up there, didn’t I? Sorry: forgot about Medal of Honor. That falls under recent fine-worthy-est. Har.