Humble Weekly Sale features 1C games, pay-what-you-want for Men of War


The Humble Weekly Sale is back once more for another little stack of charity-funding bargains, this time from 1C Company. Pay what you want, get a bunch of Men of War and King’s Bounty games.

For those not in the know, the Men of War series is generally well thought of, slamming you right into World War 2 for some unforgiving tactical strategy. On offer here is the original game, plus Russian-based stand-alone expansion Red Tide. You’ll also pocket the Game of the Year version of Assault Squad if you cough up more than the average spend.

The King’s Bounty games are fantasy strategy RPGs with a pretty, almost WoW-like art style. On offer is The Legend and Armored Princess, and if you spend more than the average joe you’ll loot Crossworlds too, which comes bundled with its expansion pack Orcs on the March.

As ever all the games are available on Steam, and the first two King’s Bounty games are even available on Mac if you like your games played on super-expensive blocks of aluminium. You can grab them all from the Humble Weekly Sale website, where you can crank the slider to donate your cash to charity and/or the developers in the usual Humble fashion.