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Hunt: Showdown is getting a Water Devil monster because ponds are too safe


You may have noticed that Crytek, the developer of Hunt: Showdown, has been teasing its latest update – and that the trailer for said update ends with a creepy tangle of tentacles. The owner of those tentacles is a new monster: the Water Devil.

“We noticed that a lot of peple were feeling very safe in the water,” marketing manager Angela De Castro tells PCGamesN at E3. “Too safe, you might say. I myself would hear gunshots, and I would take a shortcut through the water and everything would be fine. We don’t want that to happen any more – we want it to be super high-tension all the way through the match.”

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The devs say they don’t have an estimate for when the update will deploy, but that it will be “pretty soon.” It will also include a number of new weapons, such as crossbows and throwing knives, to offer players more options for silent takedowns – though level design director Chris Auty teases that “we have some more updates coming that will be slightly louder.”

The update was teased at the PC Gaming Show earlier in the week. Check out the trailer below for a preview:

You can check out Hunt: Showdown on Steam here. If you weren’t aware, it’s a bounty hunting game with a distinctive and rather gorgeous ‘Weird West’ setting. You and a number of other players spawn into a frontier world full of creepy Lovecraftian horrors, with the objective of safely escaping with the head of the biggest and meanest such monster. Since it’s a competition, you can kill of your rivals.