Blink and you’ll miss this cute HyperX gaming keyboard cat cap

Cozy Cat Coco is a HyperX gaming keyboard keycap that'll be available later this month, but you'll only have 48 hours to adopt the kawaii critter

Cosy Coco cat HyperX keycap on wood surface

Custom gaming keyboard keycaps come in all shapes and sizes, but HyperX has announced an adorable, clicky-clacky cat that’ll melt the winter blues away. The unique add-on won’t improve your FPS game skills, and bopping it on the head comes without technical advantages, but who needs any of that when you have a chonky pal to accompany you on gaming PC adventures?

Most of the best gaming keyboard candidates out there feature removable keycaps, and switching things out for something unconventional helps add a bit of personalised flair. Crafty storefronts like Esty are already littered with custom spacebars and keys, but you’ll have to be quick off the mark if you want to bag HyperX’s take on custom keycaps.

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Revealed during CES 2023, Cosy Cat Coco is a HyperX character keycap that’ll put a smile on even the grumpiest gaming PC enthusiast’s face. Created in collaboration with HP, the feline friend is made using “next-generation colour printing tech,” featuring a tiny blue woolly hat and scarf.

HyperX says Coco is the first of many custom keycaps planned for 2023, and you’ll be able to grab one on January 26th at 9 am PST. The catch? Well, each release will only be available for 48 hours or until stocks run out, so if you’re serious about obtaining a keyboard cat, you’ll have to pounce into action as soon as they go live.

HyperX gaming PC display with monitor displaying Stray, mushroom mic holder and bunny headset holder

You’ll need to wait till after Coco departs to see what HyperX has planned next, but we managed to spot a few prototype pals at CES. Potential designs include little frogs, a wizard rubber duckie, and a unicorn. If you prefer your cute accessories with a side of creepy, there was even a Baphomet Coco variant lurking at the table, which looks like something straight out of Cult of the Lamb.

Keycaps aside, the booth also featured some functional works of art that serve as a place to plop your mic or headset. We’d love to see some of these concepts become a retail reality, as they could help transform traditional gaming desks into a unique diorama.