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Hyte Y70 Touch review - a colossal PC case with a 4K screen

Standing out in the crowd of dual chamber, glass-clad PC cases is tricky, but the Hyte Y70 Touch's large 4K touch screen is one way to do it.

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Our Verdict

A snazzy case made even more so by its beautiful, customisable 4K touch screen. It’s expensive but a fabulous blank canvas for a high-end air or water-cooled PC.

Reasons to buy
  • Striking design
  • Gorgeous large 4K touch screen
  • Loads of room for the largest components
  • Excellent water cooling potential
  • PCIe riser cable included
Reasons to avoid
  • No fans included as standard
  • Large footprint
  • Motherboard is difficult to access with GPU installed
  • No option to mount graphics card horizontally

Case screens are nothing new, with them having been part of the case modding community for decades. However, few cases include them as standard. Hyte has done just that, though, with its Y70 Touch, which offers the same angular design as the company’s smaller Y60 but with expanded dimensions and the addition of a beautiful 4K IPS touch screen.

There are no fans as standard, so this Hyte case is for someone who wants to start with a clean slate, adding their own cooling hardware. This also means that combined with its high price, this definitely isn’t for those seeking the absolute best PC case bang for their buck, but its sheer quality means it still earns a place on our best PC case guide.

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Hyte Y70 Touch Design and build quality

Rather than have fans in its angled front section, or a clear glass panel like on the Y60, the Y70 Touch has a 4K 14.1-inch touch screen separating its two glass panels. While the case loses a little volume due to the flat corner, it’s still cavernous inside and provides a stunning view of your hardware. It stands 47cm tall and deep and is 32cm wide too so will take up a large amount of desk or floor space.

Hyte H70 Touch review 04

The side and roof panels are removable and clip into place without the need for any tools. One feature we particularly like is the large grilles with long L-shaped vents. These are striking in person and really make this case stand out from the crowd. Like the Y60, it comes in white, black, or red and black. Its dual chamber design means that you can stow cables out of sight, with the PSU housed behind the motherboard.

Hyte H70 Touch review 07

The case is mostly easy to work with thanks to the huge amount of space on the interior, plus there’s a radiator mount in the roof that lifts out giving even better access to the innards. However, one design feature – the vertical GPU mount, means that getting at your motherboard once the graphics card is installed is very tricky. This could be quite troublesome in a water-cooled PC. It’s also worth noting that you can only mount your graphics card vertically too. There’s no option to have it sit horizontally. Other than these minor issues, the case is well-made, solid, and fits together with ease with great build quality.

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Hyte Y70 Touch Features

The 14.1-inch 4K touch screen is the centrepiece of this case and, whether you use the included display widgets via the downloadable Nexus software or opt for an animated display, the visuals it provides are stunning. It being an IPS screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and massive 1,100 x 3,840 resolution (4K split in half), it’s smooth and vibrant too.

Hyte H70 Touch review 05

A short DisplayPort cable is included to connect the screen to your graphics card, while a SATA connector provides power, and a free USB 2.0 header on your motherboard is required to activate its touchscreen abilities.

Hyte H70 Touch review 06

We occasionally had issues with the software not showing the widgets, though, and if you use the touch screen, your PC registers this as a mouse click, which can be tricky to deal with. However, once the screen is configured you likely won’t need to touch it often – it’s seemingly much more intended as a visual delight than a truly essential functional addition. You can also use the screen as a full second display so you don’t have to use the software.

The case is the first we’ve reviewed to only come only with the option for a vertical graphics card installation, but does support quad-slot GPUs and Hyte has done an excellent job of jazzing up the PCIe 4.0 riser cable, with a plastic shroud covering the section that meets your motherboard. Unfortunately, the size of this shroud and the cable not being easily removable means getting at your motherboard after it’s installed is quite tricky.

Hyte H70 Touch review 08

There are loads of cable tidying options with large Velcro ties pre-installed and more included in the box, with ample room next to the PSU to stow them too. Cooling has huge potential with enough GPU and CPU clearance to house the very largest hardware out there, plus up to 360mm radiators are supported in the roof or side fan mounts with enough clearance in the side area for a 60mm thick radiator and two rows of fans. However, there are no fans included in the box so you’ll definitely need to factor in your own additional components to the price.

Hyte Y70 Touch cooling performance

With no fans in the box we were forced to add a couple of our own to get an idea of how the case would perform in an air-cooled scenario. However, the case is clearly designed to use AIO liquid coolers or custom liquid cooling and that will largely dictate the cooling you see at home.

Still, with one 120mm fan included at the rear of the case, the CPU temperature of 73°C with our Core i5-12600K was only a degree off the NZXT H6 Flow RGB. At 67°C the GPU temperature was also a match for the NZXT case and a great result compared to other cases too. Adding a second fan as an intake at the side of the case saw the GPU temperature drop by 1°C, but the CPU temperature stayed the same.

Hyte Y70 Touch noise level

With no fans included as standard we’re only able to give an indication of how the case’s noise level is with our own test hardware. Here, without our optional fans installed, it measured 40dBA which is 2dBA louder than the NZXT H6 Flow RGB with its fans at idle, so the huge vents in the Hyte Y70 Touch do allow a fair amount of noise to leak from the case – something to keep in mind if you’re noise-sensitive and plan on throwing heavy loads at a system in this case on a regular basis.

Hyte Y70 Touch specs

The Hyte Y70 Touch specs are:

Dimensions (W x D x H) 470 x 320 x 470 mm
Material Steel, Glass
CPU cooler clearance 180mm
Max graphics card length 422mm
Weight 11kg
Front panel 2 x USB 3.2 gen 1, 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2, audio jack, power button
Drive bays 2 x 2.5/3.5inch
Form factors E-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX
Available colors White, black, black/red
Cooling 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm side fan mounts (fans not included), 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm base fan mounts (fans not included), 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm roof fan mounts (fans not included), 1 x 120/140mm rear can mount (fan not included)

Hyte Y70 Touch price

The Hyte Y70 Touch price is $360, making it an expensive case, particularly considering you don’t get any fans included with it. However, it’s also huge, you get a 14.1-inch 4K screen, and build quality is excellent so it’s not terrible value.

Should you buy the Hyte Y70 Touch?

The beautiful 4K touch screen clearly adds a significant amount to the Hyte Y70 Touch’s price tag, but the large case, great build quality, and unique fan vents all add to the appeal of this striking case. The smaller, cheaper Y60 is likely a better option if you don’t need the touch screen, but whether you’re building an air or water-cooled PC, the Hyte Y70 Touch will make a great home for your hardware and turn plenty of heads too. Just be aware of limited motherboard access once you’ve installed your graphics card and make sure you have enough desk space too.

Alternatives to the Hyte Y70 Touch

Hyte Y60

The Hyte Y60 is the older yet smaller sibling to the Y70 Touch, with it having a very similar design but without the touchscreen. This means its price is considerably lower at just $200. It’s not quite as spectacular but still has loads of room, masses of cooling ability, and the same vertical graphics card-centric design.

NZXT H6 Flow

If you want a multi-glass-panel case with a panoramic view of your case interior but don’t want a case quite as large or expensive as the Hyte Y70 Touch or Y60, the NZXT H6 Flow is a great option. It’s twin glass panels join at a seamless corner for an amazing view of your PC’s internals while an angled corner still ensures the case gets plenty of airflow. At just $120, it’s far more affordable than the above options but build quality is still excellent.