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I Can’t Escape: Darkness gets new gameplay trailer ahead of release


Sometimes it’s nice to play games for fun, but there are lots of games that scratch a different itch. There’s a lot to be said about challenge in games, or facing your fears. Playing challenging games can be even more rewarding – it’s what makes Dark Souls so good after all, even if it sometimes makes you want to eat your own face in frustration. 

I Can’t Escape: Darkness looks like a game that falls into this category. Trapped inside a living dungeon, you have to try and escape, even as you fall deeper and deeper with each step. It looks like the gaming equivalent of those dreams where you’re grasping at something out of reach, or in a fight where your punches land with the impact of a dry sponge.

See for yourself – it looks maddening and disorientating.

The game even taunts you upon death, telling you how many steps you took before succumbing to the procedural living dungeon: being crushed by a wall, taken by the darkness or dying in some other horrible way.

It looks atmospheric, spooky and challenging. If being constantly slapped round the face sounds like your idea of a good time, you can grab it on Steam when it releases on September 17.