Imagine these BioShock Infinite board game pieces stuck in your carpet


Board games are amazing. In many senses they are better than videogames because you can upend a table when you’re losing (or winning hard), so it’s odd that more fans of the latter aren’t also fans of the former. But here we are, racked with the realisation you can’t change a thing by pointing out how odd it is. You can, however, change things by gazing longingly at these beautiful pieces from BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, the official board game of Irrational’s FPS about flying racists.

The board game’s some way off from release, but is currently available to pre-order from Plaid Hat Games for $59.95. The board depicts a vicious squabble between Vox Populi and Founder forces that takes place across skylines, structures and rule-warping action cards. It looks anything but phoned in, instead Siege of Columbia is a sort of tactical minded territory management game that faintly mimics the sort of high-falutin strategies employed in the FPS.


And the cards are very pretty, each one rocking some original, collector-baiting art. BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia is set to release in the next two to five months.