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The Immortal Mayor is a chill, Anno-style city builder inspired by ancient China

And it's just hit Steam Early Access

A ancient Chinese-inspired town from city-building game The Immortal Mayor

If there’s something we have a lot of time for right now, it’s a tranquil, chill city-building game. The latest to catch our eye is Yooreka Studio’s The Immortal Mayor, a construction and management simulator that’s inspired by ancient Chinese culture and has just hit Steam Early Access.

You play as a local god that’s tasked with building and managing a burgeoning city built up with cultural Chinese inspirations and architecture. You have to carefully plan out each villager’s day and manage resources to prepare for the seasonal changes and challenges that lay ahead – as all good gods do, of course. That involves everything from farming and mining to city planning and defence building so winter isn’t too frightful and an onslaught of monsters appear less gruesome.

You can befriend other gods, too, if you fancy and use their magic to help your residents build and grow the town. A Moon Elder can significantly increase people’s willingness to get married and have kids, while a Weather Master can, well, control the weather. You’re also getting heaps of decorations to decorate your town, and some of them even have specific effects on your villagers’ overall stats.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you fancy giving this one a go, it’s just launched on Steam Early Access. If you’re looking for more of the best city-building games on PC, you can follow that link.