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0x10c multiplayer mode revealed by Notch in new video: “Most of everything is missing, but it’s a start!”


By Notch’s own acknowledgement, 0x10c is barely there – a game with far more potential than features. Yet we’ve already seen more of it than we’d dare to ask for, thanks to its creator’s fondness for open-doors development.

The latest from the mind behind Minecraft shows off an early build of the Firefly-sim’s multiplayer mode, which includes a bot more Wall-E than war machine.

“The bot character is a placeholder model, and the flickering is a bug,” said Notch on his YouTube account. “Most of everything is missing, but it’s a start! Also, there’s sound!”

Previous looks at 0x10c have revealed staircases, physics and lasers – the very fundament of a Good Time in Space.

It’s undeniably rough cut stuff, mind. Let us know your impressions so far. Thanks, NowGamer.