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£3 Fish: Fez makes a bomb thanks to Steam Summer Sale


For two days last week, Fez cost very little. And it turns out more copies of the perspective-shifting platformer’s PC version were sold during those 48 hours than in the first month of its existence on XBLA, or in its first three months on Steam.

“OK, so our first steam summer sale is over and it was BANANERS,” said creator Phil Fish via Twitter. “It’s been fuckin’ NUTSO. Thank you cheap people everywhere!”

The sale lopped 50% off Fez’s already slight price point, bringing it down to less than £3. More than 105,000 copies were sold in the ensuing two days.

That’s an extra 100,000 reasons for Fish and co. to carry on making Fez 2, then. Hang on, is there really a Fez 2 happening? And a Hotline Miami 2? What’s the source of this sudden case of indie sequelitis?

Thanks, GamesIndustry.