The Adventures of Dash is first game from ex-Call of Duty developer Robert Bowling


Since departing Infinity Ward and forming Robotoki, Robert Bowling has been might quiet about what his studio have been working on. We know that the main project is something called Human Element but next to nothing about it. Turns out they’ve also had a sideline in a small game called The Adventures of Dash about a small boy with narcolepsy and a God complex.

Find out more about it below.

Bowling plans to fund the game’s development through Kickstarter, hear him detail the game in the pitch below.

I’m a little torn about the sound of Dash. On the one hand, a 2Dside-scrolling platformer that harkens back to the games Bowling played growing up doesn’t sound that special. We’ve had an immensely rich few years of such games, Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV jump to mind, and another one of the pot, especially when the studio are asking for $400,000 to develop it seems a little much to ask.

However, I really like the idea of switching art styles mid-game. It’s a really cool idea that is akin to classics like Psychonauts. And when’s narcolepsy not fun? (Except of course those people who suffer from it and find it to be a debilitating condition that can put them in harm’s way at any moment.)

Bowling is clearly a known entity from his time at Infinity Ward but I can see this having a tough time reaching its target.

You can read more about Dash over on the game’s Kickstarter page.