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AI War: Ancient Shadows and 6.0 update coming 19 October


Arcen Games are all about the value for money at the moment, as well as giving away the sequel of A Valley Without Wind for free to all owners of the original, they’re now releasing a vast update to the three year-old AI War: Fleet Command. On top of this they’re also releasing Ancient Shadows, a new expansion. Both of which are hitting the internet on 19 October, this Friday.

Details below.

According to a post over onArcen’s site, these are the key features of Ancient Shadows:

  • A whole new kind of human player. It’s possible to control champions alongside your main fleet, or to have a friend or family member control just one single massive ship.
  • Several new sub-races dwelling in the backwater parts of the galaxy for your champions to interact with.
  • Modular fortresses.
  • 9 new bonus ship classes.
  • 3 core AI guard posts and one new minor faction.
  • 2 new AI types.
  • 2 new map types.
  • 98 minutes of awesome new music by Pablo Vega.

Now, I would copy and paste the patch notes to the 6.0 update. However, as they stretch into the 65,000 words I will instead link you to the document.