Anomaly 2 trailer reveals 15 May release date; teases new morph feature


As solid iterations on a genre go, the original Anomaly was that in a nutshell. Reversing the tower defense genre and placing you in charge of, not the defensive towers, the offensive wave of interlopers, it was a great deal of fun in a small package.

The sequel aims to continue in that vein when it releases on 15 May. Though, if the new trailer is anything to go by, it’s bringing a new morph feature to the table.

Colour me intrigued.

Unfortunately there’s no in-game footage in that trailer. Instead, 11 Bit Studios have opted to show something of the game’s story. Taking place a number of years after you defeat the main invading alien force in the first game, Earth is a little worse for wear caked in ice and, despite earlier success, infected to the core with off-worldies.

That’s all unnecessary plot. The main takeaway from the trailer, apart from the release date, is that morph ability. It appears that (some/all?) of your units will be able to morph between different states, opening up new abilities with which to blast those alien interlopers.

As I said up top, Anomaly 2 is due out 15 May. You can preorder a copy of the game (plus one for a friend) at a 10% discount over on the dev’s site.