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Apotheon gameplay trailer begs libations and sacrifices to its developers


Maybe it’s the classicist in me speaking but Greek pottery art style: f*** yes. Alien Trap, makers of Capsized, have released some gameplay footage of their upcoming game Apotheon – meaning a mortal who is exalted to the state of god. Set in ancient Greece, in a time where the gods mingled among men and stirred the pot on a regular basis Apotheon has you wage war with Hera, queen of the gods, in an attempt to return power to Zeus, erstwhile swan rapist. You take your side-on RPG leveling self through the depths of hell all the way up mount Olympus in a manner much similar to that depicted in the video below.

We released this from Alien Trap’s Lee Vermeulen’sYoutube channel:

There shall be much hitting, stabbing, shooting of arrows, and killing of large Grecian creatures – warhound, stag, men made of stone – upon Apotheon’s Steam release in 2013.

On the game’s website, Alien Trap mention hub spots and merchants which suggests this might be of the ARPG formular, asking you to head out into the wilds to level up before continuing your quest. While the ARPG stage is pretty full at the moment, I’m really loving the look of Apotheon. We should be seeing more of the game soon as the developers are polishing a small chunk of the game and experimenting with new gameplay techniques.