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The Astronauts are not making an FPS, are not using Kickstarter, and are not afraid to drink beer at work


Previously of People Can Fly, makers of Bulletstorm and Painkiller, the three man team working constituting The Astronauts have come out to rectify some wrong-thinking on the internet. No, not to weigh in on whether pirates are better than ninjas, not pie than cake, nor whether it’s too soon to dress as zombie Steve Jobs at this coming Halloween. Rather they’re knocking on the head a couple of assumptions made about their new project.

“Guys, we are not making a shooter. Let us repeat that: we are not making a shooter” they write in a post on their site. Considering their previous projects, that gloried in the trappings of the shooter genre, this comes as a surprise. Avoiding another trend, they also made clear that whilst “Kickstarter is not just a fantastic funding platform, but also a highly effective marketing tool (whether we like it or not). […] We would have a hard time explaining our first game to the public without having it half done already.”

Colour me intrigued.

They also wipe out any speculation that Cliffy B is moving to the studio: he is not.

They don’t provide many other details of the game, at least, not relevant to us (it isn’t a mobile game). So, looks like we need to play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

You can read a little more about the studio in Jeremy’s post about their formation.

Oh, and here are two of TheAstronautsat work: