Banner Saga: Factions (soft) launches; rewards for backers this week


The Banner Saga: Factions, with its crisp, disney-like animations, its mind-taxing tun-based tactics, and its friendlier than a hearth fire multiplayer, has soft launched. That means the beta is over and for all its backers the game is now at 1.0. Non-backers can get their hands on it from 24 February.

Few, but not many details below, there is a pretty trailer, though.

The last beta update turns out to be the final release so there’ll be no more save wipes from here on out.

As a thank you to their backers Stoic are also releasing “some special perks available this week only, and every backer has a special green jade stone shown on your combat emblem that is exclusive to backers and early access players.”

The email to backers went on to say “With Factions’ launch, we’ve effectively worked out the thick and thin of combat and we’re soon on to travel and conversation outlined in the previous update, and thus, the single player campaign. Consider this the first major milestone on the road to success!”

It ain’t new this video but it shows off the game in action: