The Binding of Isaac Unholy Edition released allowing us to actually hold the dark roguelike in our hands


If you’ve still not bought a copy of The Binding of Isaac despite its original low price and numerous sales, then you may have waited till the ideal time. The Binding of Isaac Unholy Edition, a physical boxed copy of the game is now available.

More on what extras it contains below.

According to publisher Merge Games, as spotted by Eurogamer,the Unholy Edition comes with:

  • A DRM free version of the game
  • The Wrath of the Lamb expansion
  • A copy of the game to gift on Steam
  • 40 page artbook
  • A Poster
  • A sticker

It’s being sold on Merge’s site for £14.99 which is a fair bit steeper than Steam’s price of £4 (£6 with the DLC)but those extras sure are tempting. Particularly the art style which, as you can see below, is grimly wonderful: