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Black Mesa is “pretty close to completion”; new screenshots


Black Mesa seems to be the tease that keeps on teasing, they release screens, completed footage is leaked, then the footage sparks off new changes, adding to the development time. But it seems that finally, we might soon be able to play something of the game. Though, as you’d expect, there are caveats.

Talking to The Verge,project lead Carlos Montero said”I’d hope it’s pretty clear to everyone that we are planning multiple stages of release for everything we have planned.” I don’t know if that was clear. The impression I’d got from the team was always that they’d release when it was done and that was why it had been delayed to oft and so long, because it needed to meet up to their exacting standards. Not that it was coming out in stages. Nonetheless, Montero goes on to say that he’d “characterize our first release as being pretty close to completion.”

With that he also threw out screenshots like discusses for the people at The Verge to catch and then pass lovingly onto us (by which I mean out intern on the inside stole them from the mainframe and sent them our way by virtual pigeon):

So, more of this, but in motion, and on my desktop, controlled by my hands, please!