Brutal Legend announced for PC; preorders get into multiplayer beta


Double Fine’s rock opus Brutal Legend has long been absent from the PC. Despite coming out on consoles more than three years ago, we’ve been left resorting to less pure forms of rock gaming (rock, paper, scissors is pretty much the extent). These dark times are nearing an end however as earlier today – though spotted in the Steam database last week – Double Fine announced Brutal Legend is coming to the PC.

There’s no release date as yet, though there is a trailer and news of a playable multiplayer beta.

First, a trailer, because we all love trailers. (Except this awful effort from CD Projekt RED.)

Hop on over to Steam to preorder the game for £11.24 (usually it will be on sale for £14.99 but it’s on discount for the mo). Buying it nets you access to the multiplayer beta and also some Team Fortress 2 hats. Details of the hats and beta are due to be revealed later today.

The game will come with all the released map packs as standard.

Now, see a younger Tim Schafer compete in the Brutal Legend Rubik’s Cube challenge: