Build a goat bouncing multiverse in Idleplex


I’ve created a maelstrom of bouncing goats. My screen is filled with them, tumbling, turning, and spraying out coins with each hit. Multiple universes of goat bouncing. This is going to take some explaining but in short, Idleplex is Cookie Clicker with goats.

You begin with a single screen. At the top is a cannon that periodically fires goats, at the bottom is a bar that you control with the mouse. Move the bar from side to side and try to bounce the goats that are fired at you. Manage to bounce the goat and you’re rewarded with coins. These can be spent on upgrades – widening the bar, increasing bonuses, speeding up the rate that goats fire, and so on.

More than upgrades, there are new boards to buy. The boards are a whole new minigame that you can control. One has sheep rolling towards a wall of spikes, between them is a wall that you can make jump by left-clicking. If the sheep hit the spikes you get bonus coins. the upgrades, again, offer ways to increase the number of coins you receive.

The key thing is that when you play one of the minigames AI takes over the others. The more boards you buy the more sources of income you have. I’ve nine boards set up at the moment, some of them bringing in hundreds of coins a second. Letting me buy more upgrades and more boards, earning me more coins, to buy more boards, and more upgrades.

You see where this is going.

A neat touch, and something that makes Idleplex so compelling is that hitting escape lets you watch all your separate boards at once. You can watch the mess of goats (and later pigs, cows, and other animals) bursting into coins. Funding your mad venture.

Go play Idleplex. It’s free.