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Build it big: massive new Terraria patch is here


The more ambitious you are, the more satisfaction you’ll get from Terraria. It looks like that’s a mantra adopted by the development team too, who have just released patch 1.2.3 into the wild. The changelog is a thing of awe inspiring beauty; a whole seven mouse-wheel-spins long and seven categories strong. 

Among the changes are bug fixes, balance changes, new NPCs, new items, and freshly made features. It’s a bumper crop for all! 

You can discover the whole list on the Terraria forums, and I recommend you take five minutes out to soak it all in if you’re a hardcore fan. There’s no doubt something in there that will radically change your mood, so brace yourself for the best/worst.

But what is in there? Featuring in our hand picked (randomly selected) highlights reel are stackable buckets, an in-game settings menu, a slightly reduced risk of rain, animated steampunk tiles made from Cogs, a venom staff, and 20 new friendly critters. As for balance changes, users of the Rainbow Rod will find it pumps out more damage, Tim is found far more commonly, and The Mushroom Spear can now only be obtained after killing one of the mech bosses.

So boot up Terraria and get exploring those changes, and then express your love for the developers over on the Terraria forums.