Bundle in a Box: Deep Space nets you eight games for a little over $5; including Space Giraffe and Death Ray Manta


If you’ve been feeling a certain something has been lacking from your life (you probably have) then have I got the bundle for you: the Deep Space Bundle in a Box.With this many games for cheap there’s bound to be something scratch that special something something. $0.99 will get you five games including Death Ray Manta, whilst a further $5 will get you three more games and a whole host of goodies.

Detaails of the lot are down below. Dare you step through the airlock?

First up, those five:

  • Death Ray Manta((PC/Mac)
  • Space Giraffe(PC/Steam)
  • The Wreckless(PC/Mac/Desura)
  • Dark Scavenger(PC/ Mac/Desura)
  • Armalyte(PC)- yes the Commodore 64 classic

Paying above the average, so only for a few dollars more, you can get:

  • Sol: Exodus(PC/Steam/Desura)
  • Miner Wars Arena(PC/Mac/Desura)
  • RobotRiot(PC/Mac/Desura)

5% of all the money raised will go to theHellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family, so that’s lovely.

Finally, those extras, there’s soundtracks and artbooks on offer, but they only unlock as the sales reach certain levels. So you better got buying.