Bundle Stars lets you zap aliens, pop caps at zombies, and donate to charity.


Online game guys Bundle Stars have launched a new indie ‘Stellar Bundle’ full of alien and zombie shooting action, priced at a mere dollar. That’s seventy-seven pennies for those of you who are subject to Her Majesty. And not only does your money directly fund the developers, but you’ll be helping out charity SpecialEffect too.

The ‘Zombies vs Aliens’ Stellar Bundle includes Zombie Shooter and sequel Zombie Shooter 2, and over in the alien corner is Alien Shooter Revisited and Alien Hallway. They all unlock on Steam, so if you’re looking to extend your library this is certainly one of the more cost-effective ways of doing so.

5% of any profit made by the bundle is donated to SpecialEffect, who do remarkable work helping people with disabilities to play games.

I’ve not played any of the games on offer here so can offer you no professional insight into them, but make judgement for yourself at the bundle’s website, which contains all the information you’ll need on them.