Candy Box 2 launches tomorrow. World scheduled to down tools by tea time

Candy Box 2

“You’ve all been doing far too much work,” said God to mankind. “You’re off building particle accelerators, fusion reactors, and cures to horrendous diseases far too quickly. Those puzzles were supposed to last you at least another millenia. At this rate I’ll have to move the Earth to a fortnightly update schedule, and we know how that’s worked out for Guild Wars 2.

“No. This will not do. You all need to stop working for a time.”

And, lo, He did announce the release of Candy Box 2.

First there was Candy Box and it did absorb the people. They planted candy farms and answered the questions of the great magic frog and did fill their universe with candies. But the people grew bored and did solve the AIDs problem that had puzzled scientists for years.

Then God did give them Cookie Clicker and it amused the people thusly, they bought cookie mines and cookie portals, old ladies and alachemy labs. But the people, too, grew bored of Cookie Clicker, and they solved the HIV problem.

Now, with gamers close to finding exterrestrial life, God prepares to delay them once more. Tomorrow He will give us Candy Box 2.