Castle Story enters Steam Early Access. Build castles, explore, kill the invaders!

Castle Story sauropod

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle but that’s bollocks. His castle is his castle. We’ve all got them, we just don’t like to talk about them. Not to outsiders. For those of you without a castle, foreigners and the like, you can finally get in on this castle ownership schtick by playing Castle Story. It’s appeared on Steam Early Access and lets you build a virtual castle (pfft) out of voxels.

I’ll likely give it a go on the computer I keep in my castle’s banquet hall.

While comparisons to Minecraft will appear – because voxels – Castle Story seems much more directed. You are directing a populace of Bricktrons, those little yellow fellas, to build a castle and defend it from nighttime assaults.

In the daytime you can explore and develop a network of tunnels that criss-cross your floating island home.

You’ll need to provide your Bricktrons with equipment, which means building mines and directing workshops. It’s all sounding a little Stronghold-like but with an added layer of freedom.

You can learn more about and pick up Castle Story through here.