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Catlateral Damage needs you to be like a ninja to better destroy your owner’s things

Catlateral Damage Chris Chung

Catlateral Damage doesn’t go in for complexity: you play a cat who’s owner’s left the room and you have two minutes to cause as much destructions as possible. That’s the game Chris Chung made for the 7DFPS game jam. He’s decided to expand on the original release, adding new game modes to the simple destruction simulator.

One, Cat Ops, asks that you trash your owners room while he’s asleep in the bed; you must act quietly to escape detection.

Looks simple enough but the challenge is finding high value objects. It’s a wicked game in that sense, you’re looking for your owner’s most valuable possessions – televisions, old consoles, toy robots – and smashing them for your own goals.

Cats are arseholes.

Chung explained some of his game modes to Eurogamer:

“The basic premise [of Cat Ops] is that it’s night time and your owner is asleep, so you have to knock over objects without making too much noise. I feel like this mode will fulfill the desire to be a sneaky cat, and also give quite a different challenge than the current game mode.”

Other modes include free play, in which there is no time limit to compete against; time trials ask you to beat a certain score in shorter and shorter times.

It’s not just game modes which are being added for Catlateral’s full release:

“Level design is also in progress, but I’d like to create levels in such a way that the earlier levels are somewhat small (individual rooms) and progressively get bigger,” Chung told Eurogamer. “I plan on creating entire houses broken up into individual rooms, so it’ll be possible to block off rooms as separate levels or give the player full access to the whole house.”

You can play the original release for free on Catlateral’s site.

Cheers, Eurogamer.