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Chiptune Rush is a new store for chip music from the makers of Frozen Synapse


Beethoven bore you? Bach got too much bite? (Need a more modern example:) The Wurzels not woo you? Is the only music you can stomach made up of 8bit beeps and bloops? Wondering if this entire introduction will be made up of questions while I meander to the point that there is a new digital music shop dedicated exclusively to selling retro gaming inspired chip tunes?

Chiptune Rush was created by Mode 7 games, developer of Frozen Synapse, because:

“When I played at Blip Festival last year I noticed a trend in the community: a lot of musicians had transitioned from giving all of their music away for free to charging for some of it,”writes Mode 7 co-founderPaul Taylor.”Instead of being criticised for doing this, they were finding that people embraced it: they wanted to support the artists so that more great music could be produced.

“Most musicians, rightly, focus on their own music, setting up pages to sell their own albums direct to their fans. However, there is a lot of value in coming together, so a store which collects great chip music together will benefit not only fans, but musicians as well, giving them access to an additional audience.”

If you sign up to the site today you will receive a free bundle of chip music to sample and should that pique your fancy, I didn’t see anything in the store for more than $10.

It’s certainlybetter than what’s coming out ofthe alternative chip scene: