Cube World alpha is launching soon; new site details game’s finished and planned features

With the launch of Cube World’s paid alpha on the horizon, developer Wollay has created a new site for the game. It details the game’s main features, separating out which ones are already in the game from those he and his wife plan to implement in the future.

While Wollay doesn’t provide a release date he does say that the alpha will be launching “Soon”.

Since work began on Cube World back in 2011 we’ve had little to go on beyond occasional screenshots and videos, all of which look extremely pretty, but it’s getting hard to take - seeing such an enticing game but not being able to play it.

The site details plans to release the game in a paid alpha in the near future. Following that will be a paid beta, with a price bump, and an eventual full release (with a further price bump). So buying in now nets you the game at its cheapest and gets you in line for all of the free updates.

Along with the alpha details, the site expands on Cube World’s featureset: detailing the world generation system, all the biomes that are planned for the game, procedural quest generation, weapon crafting, multiple classes and races, co-op and PvP play, as well as many other bits and pieces.

When laid out as it is on the new site, the scope of Cube World becomes really impressive, particularly as it's the work of a two-person team. It’s clearly been hugely informed by Minecraft but I get the sense that with its focus on procedurally generating a driven game, not simply a sandbox, will mean Cube World will be a game that will grab people who bounced off the undirected play at the centre of Notch’s voxel game.

I can’t wait.

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VinsanityV22 Avatar
4 Years ago

I have been waiting for this one for awhile now! Looks totally charming. I know there are a lot of voxel-based games out there, and more and more of them seem to be trying to evoke classic 16-bit RPGs in their style (like 3D Dot Game Heroes and, off the top of my head, the recently Kickstarted StoneHearth is another one), but this one looks to be the real deal. Effectively evokes the classic, charming, colorful worlds of JRPGs past, while also being a proper, multiplayer sandbox action-adventure rooted firmly in the present. I. LOVE. IT.


Amazing that's it's from a 2 person team.


Gonna have to try and nab this for sure. Might still wait for at least the beta though. Buying in at alpha state and having to update it a ton to get it stable and whatnot never sounds enticing. But I'll keep an eye on it and may change my mind, as I do want to support these guys and this wonderful-looking game :)

Berni55 Avatar
4 Years ago

You can join alpha test on

Its time limited