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Cube World to be renamed, Wollay wants you to help


Cube World is looking gorgeous. It’s a 3D voxel adventure game: a light-hearted RPG grafted onto the same kind of tech that powers Minecraft. But Cube World won’t be Cube World for much longer. Wollay, the game’s creator is looking for a new name, and he wants you to help.

Wollay’s recent development blog lists six names that he’s happy with at the moment, and has opened it up to the public to give their feedback on what they think, and what name they like best. He also notes that the list is subject to change, and will probably be added to at a later date. For those who are wondering the full list is:

– Spirit Hunter
– Kyubu
– Little Cube Adventure
– Lost in Monsterland
– Cube Boy
– Kami Heroes

If you fancy pitching in, head over and help.