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Cube World video shows off hang gliders, co-op, and further degrees of lovely


Cube World may at first appear to be just one more of the voxel legion but beneath its sharp edged surface it appears to add detail to many of Minecraft’s broad strokes, richer combat and voxel by voxel crafting.

But in one key respect it already stands above the voxel viceroy, unlike Minecraft, Cube World has hang gliders.

The video shows off co-op, letting two players explore and battle together. But, check out those hang gliders, they look to be as joyful a feature as Just Cause 2’sinfinite parachutes. At any time players can jump and use their hang glider. Simply to travel faster or to see the sights, be it sailing high over the ground or deep under it.

On his blog, developer Wollay has listed what he’s added to the game recently:

  • Hang gliders: You will probably get these with level 10 or higher. They’re quite fun to use, especially when you fall down. 🙂 You get stunned and fall down when you fly against a wall.
  • Sprinting (consumes stamina)
  • Some attacks can stun enemies.
  • New monsters and items
  • Dungeons
  • Rare zones: Just like items, zones can have different rarities. Monsters are stronger here and drop better loot.
  • Dungeons: In the video you see a castle dungeon, featuring female Orcs! 😛
  • We’re also adding new zones like lava lands

Cube World is one of those “Done when it’s done” games, so no release date as yet.