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Curiosity is coming next week, 7 November; cubes everywhere prepare to be dissected


If you’ve been struggling to contain your excitment for Peter Molyneux’s new game, turning to opening other people’s post as a lesser way of satisfying your curiosity, then you, and your neighbours, will be happy to find out that Curiosity is releasing Wednesday, 7 November. That’s next week.

Having splurged all my facts before the break you must be wondering what I’ve packed below the break. Curious to find out?

Worth it.

There’s also the announcement post on Curiosity’s Facebook pagethat Eurogamer spotted:

“We are delighted, no actually we’re ecstatic and we hope you will be too; Curiosity – what’s inside the cube is READY. It has been approved by Apple, and we have finished and tested the Android version. We have decided to set a Launch date of 00:22am PST (08:22am UCT,GMT) Wednesday 7th November, so from then you will be able to take part in what, for us is a unique global experiment. Joining hopefully thousands of people on the journey to the centre of the cube is going to be a fascinating experiment that we will share with the world. Remember you could be the single person to find out what TRULY amazing thing lies in the centre.”

Truly amazing, 22 Cans? Truly? I’ll show you truly amazing: