Curiosity’s gooey centre revealed; “become a god in Godus”


Godus is out on Early Access; here’s our Godus review.

Curiosity has been satisfied. The last cubelet has been tapped and the cubes content has been revealed to one lucky winner. No it’s not a miniature Peter Molyneux (although that would be cool), but an opportunity to become the god of all gods in his new game: Godus. Not only will this person get to laugh maniacally with the power they’ve been granted, they also get a cut of the games sales. 

It’s god-ception.

The winner was a chap called Bryan Henderson who lives in Edinburgh, he’s an 18 year old graphics designer who can now add the job title as “God” to his CV.

According to an interview with GameInformer, Bryan won under some pretty funny circumstances.

“I downloaded the game only about an hour before I won, so I feel a little bad.” said Bryan. “I haven’t played any of his previous games but I have always wanted to try Fable.”

It might leave people who chalked up some serious playtime on Curiosity pretty angry, but this outcome was always a strong possibility.

Check out the video below of Peter Molyneux announcing the winner and their winnings:

Exactly how much control of Godus Bryan will have is yet unknown, but It’s sure to be an interesting experience. If Bryan decides to abuse his newfound powers for his own entertainment, it could also affect the sales of the game and ultimately his profits. But is Molyneux so committed to this experiment that he’d let a power-mad player run amok and destroy his game?

Given that this is Peter Molyneux we’re talking about, the answer is probably yes. So maybe pass on becoming an evil satanic and sacrificing all the players, eh Bryan?