Descension promises choice, consequence, puzzles and Loose Women


Descension is an action/adventure title, with a particular fondness for mind-twisting puzzles. But you won’t be seeing any of that today; this trailer is of the ‘teaser’ variety, a prefix which gives its developers carte blanche to reveal only the most tangential nonsense.

“What does it take to ruin what started as a luxurious cruise of debauchery, wine, and Loose Women?”, the trailer teases. We’re not sure, but suspect it was probably triggered by the combination of Denise Welch and a good red.

The game’s official site is more forthcoming, promising an action game with the unusual back of the box features of choice and consequence, an RPG class system, and a plot-integrated respawn system in place of save-game loading. In fact, save games havebeen thrown out entirely. Oo-er.

“With a mystery to unravel, a new world to discover and understand, and possibly all life at stake it will take wit and intelligence, strength and power, stealth and cunning, or some of it all to make it through alive,” say developer 3rd Element Studios.

Let us hope that ITV daytime’s finest are up to the task.