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Distance video in which cars sprout wings and beats are thumped


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the neon art styled racing game pool along comes Distance. Developed by three ex-Digipen students who worked on similarly neon art styled racing game Notronic Rush, Distance is setting itself apart in ways only the following video can explain. (Hint: cars can fly, worlds can rotate, and vehicles can jump of their own accord.)

This video was thrown from a moving car by unknown assailants, all we have to go on is the license plate which read “Refract’s Youtube channel“:

I may have round my experience of racing games slightly tampered with by Burnout, but this smacks of being a wee bit slower than I’d like. That said, the music and the look of the thing is pretty gripping. Just look at those chunky cars, like Audi’s dipped in Tron. Also, whilst a spirtual successor to Notronic, Refract look like their pushing the boat out when it comes to what the cars can do.

Distance is currently on Kickstarter and doing well, nearing half of its sought for $125,000 with 18 days to go. More on that in a moment but check out the disparity between words and tone of voice at 1.50:

Now, normally I don’t like to post the pledge rewards – they’re usually the standard fare of soundtracks, posters and t-shirts – whilst Distance has some Plain Janes, its $10,000 reward is an arcade machine built specifically to handle the game. That’s awesome. I’m not going to buy it, but that’s awesome.