Don’t Starve trailer shows off the coming insanity


Don’t Starve is going from strength to strength, which in game terms seems to mean getting more and more difficult. As well as already making it ridiculously difficult for your Tim Burton-esque character to survive in the wild and dangerous world due to monsters, lack of food, and bigger monsters, soon players will need to contend with psychosis.

How that plays out, as displayed in the trailer below, is that you will need to fend off imaginary monsters. Crab-like monsters and buffalo monsters.

Monsters, monsters, monsters.


I particularly like the mime character. There are too few mimes in gaming. Particularly when you consider the number of games revolving around person-on-person violence, there should be more mimes in games.

The video doesn’t make it entirely clear but should you stray too far into the dark forest populated by nasties your character’s sanity will slip, leaving you vulnerable to shadowy nightmare creatures.

Don’t Starve is still in development but you can buy into the game’s beta for not many pennies.