Door Kickers alpha available now, hurt doors and shoot men with real time tactics


Door Kickers is out on Early Access; here’s our Door Kickers review.

Door Kickers is an interesting little title from Romanian indie studio KillHouse Games. The game does indeed allow you to kick in doors (and also blow them up), but that’s just the start. This is a SWAT real-time tactics game that looks like a smart blend of Hotline Miami and Frozen Synapse.

From a bird-eye view players control a squad of SWAT officers as they breach-and-clear a building. Swift and precise thinking is the name of the game, and use of the various members of your squad seems to be vital. Teams can be assembled so two men breach the front door whilst other members swarm in from the back, putting enemies in a pinch as your flanking move comes together.

Gameplay isn’t quite as twitchy as the likes of Hotline Miami, and demands a more tactical head akin to Frozen Synapse. Whilst that blue-hued game’s forward planning is not seen here, you will be pausing the game to consider the playing field and decide on your next move. The infinite pause isn’t there to give to a god-like advantage though, as restarts after death resets the positions of enemies to new random locations. Trial and error will not be part of your SWAT commander tool kit.

The alpha is available to buy now for $7.99, which bags you the final release too when it hits PC later in the year. You can also give Door Kickers the thumbs up over at its Steam Greenlight page.