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Double Fine Humble Bundle has you tell Tim Schafer’s team which game to make in two weeks


The latest Humble Bundle is a little bit special, instead of whacking together great games and letting you buy them for whatever you’re willing to spend, this time you are paying for game ideas to be made for you by Double Fine.

Okay, let’s break it down a little. Each year, Double Fine runs a two week game jam called Amnesia Fortnight, they halt work on all their other projects to prototype a few new ideas from the team. All of Double Fine’s recent output, such as Costume Quest, Iron Brigade, and Stacking, was a result of these jams. What you are paying for is to vote for one of the pitch ideas from the Double Fine team to be selected to prototype over the fortnight. then you’ll recieve the game at the end of the two weeks whatever state it’s in. You also get your hands on the prototype versions of Costume Quest and Happy Song from the very first Amnesia Fortnight.

Check out a few of the pitches below:

All videos are taken from the Humble Bundle page:

There’s a real spread of ideas but some of them stand out just for being ridiculously imaginative:


“Turk is a unique puzzle game where you make visual and semantic connections to travel through a recursive photo-mosaic.”


“Echelon is a cross between text adventure and radio plays, where you capture and analyse top secret surveillance reports.”

Shine Run:

“Shine Run is a 3D game where you make and deliver moonshine in a customisable car while you earn achievements for stunts performed while driving.”


“Milgrim is a 2D platformer, not unlike Mario, but you’re the bad guy so you construct the levels.”

If this all sounds wonderful and up your street, South Pledgerton, then go here to put down your dollars.

The voting phase will last only a week so you best be quick to get in on this. When development of the games begins next week the entire thing is going to be live streamed.