Dungeon of the Endless trailer or: What on Earth is this Excellence?


A teaser trailer has turned up for a game called Dungeon of the Endless. It gives little away about what you’ll actually be doing but it does it in compelling fashion.

Seriously, what is behind that door?

Dungeon of the Endless is being made by Amplitude Studios, the developers of 4x game Endless Space. Besides that teaser and a contest asking people to suggest what might be behind the door, they’re not telling us anything about the game until GamesCom next week.

From the name I’d guess that it’s set within the same universe as Endless space. Though before I clicked who Amplitude were it did sound like a way of suggesting the game was a roguelike. It could be both. The top down perspective would play into that genre. Although the detail going into the pixel art animations isn’t something that I’ve seen in other roguelikes. Animating lots of different enemy types in that style would be costly.

It could be a simple linear action game. Though with three characters it could be that it’s a co-op game. The survivors do look as though they fall into class types: there’s the chap with the gun. He looks like your standard squaddie. The big fella, well, he could be a heavy. And the lass. Difficult to get a read on her but she looks to be pretty agile.

The video’s opening is a little excellent, isn’t it? You’ve the classic shot of a large spaceship moving into frame under fire (a la Star Wars: A New Hope) but that descending crew number indicator is a neat touch. (The video suggests there are four survivors when the ship hits the planet. Though we can only see three. Wonder if that means anything.) I just want to know what’s going on.

It looks like that teaser’s done the trick because I’m definitely going to be making my way to Amplitude’s booth next week to find out what it’s all about.