Elite: Dangerous combat footage and discussion of vioence in space


Details are beginning to emerge about David Braben’s Elite: Dangerous, filling out the previously sparse Kickstarter page. Today, (very) early footage of the combat is on show and a voiceover from Braben talks about modular damage models, multiplayer, derelict ships and much more.

The video is embedded below.

Taken from Frontier Developments’ Youtube channel:

The footage itself doesn’t look spectacular, but it’s good to see something finally appearing. It only shows two ships flying about an asteroid belt, one firing on the other but it gives a glmipse of what the game may become. The list of things that are not on show or are placeholder is long but there is a game being played.

Braben details one genius touch of a mechanic, the more you manouvre the hotter you ship becomes so the clearer you appear on radar. It means that if you’ve someone on your tail you’ll be caught in the dilemma of trying to turn and fight and trying to flee. The tighter your turns in your attempts to duck behind an asteroid the more visible you become.

Also, as Braben points out,”If combat goes on too long other people will start coming in because they will see you from long range.”

The multiplayer gets a brief detailing, too. You’ll be able to populate lists of players for your universe by adding in friends names, going in for free-for-all with strangers, or a mix of the two.

If you’d like to learn more about the project do read our interview with David Braben, Steve’s list of things he’d most like to see in the game, and also the Kickstarter itself.