Endless Space: Disharmony expansion teased in new trailer


Endless Space is set to get its first paid-for expansion, following the four free substantial add-ons the game has already received. The Disharmony expansion will bring with it a whole new faction, fighters and bombers to deepen ship-to-ship combat, and a whole new invastion system which will allow for bombardment and sieges.

Due out this summer the main features of the new expansion have been condensed down into this handy bullet point list:

  • “A brand new Faction called “The Harmony” with the main objective to ANNIHILATE DUST!”

  • “New fighters and bomber units that will completely change the shape of combat, especially with the new Battle Formation and Targeting systems”

  • “A complete rework of the Ship Design Interface giving an improved Weapon System that includes family types for modules (short, medium and long range)”

  • “New invasion mechanics have been added: prepare the population for bombardments, sieges and land invasions”

  • “Expect to face a real challenge when playing against AI opponents with the new Adaptive Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence System (AMAS)”

  • “Four new heroes (Games2Gether)”

  • “A new option to disable exchange of technologies, as a request from the Multiplayer community”

  • “New Rally Points feature for newly built ships to reduce micromanagement”

Quite a substantial set of additions of the 4X strategy game. The biggest changes will likely be found in the new adaptive AI system and the invasion mechanics. Both should work to make capturing space across the galaxy significantly more challenging.

Cheers, PC Gamer.