Endless Space update Rise of the Automatons introduces new race


Fans of Endless Space will know that much of its development has been community-driven, with the developers using their Games2gether system to poll fans on proposed changes, gauge response to game changes and even incorporate community-created content. Developers and fans have once again worked together to create Rise of the Automatons, the game’s first substantial update.

Created by community member Panzer, the “dust-powered space robots” that are the Automatons beat other proposed factions such as the Shadowmasters and the interestingly named Resetrocons in a forum poll.

As well as introducing a new faction for free, this latest update also makes some other changes, including:

  • A more intelligent AI, with a shrewder approach to trading, taxation and diplomacy.
  • Improvements to the Trade Route display.
  • More diplomacy options.
  • Polish language support.
  • Better mod support.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • A rebalancing of several game values, including armour.

A full list of the changes can be found here. It seems this add-on is incompatible with older saved games, so be sure to finish your current campaigns first.

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