Evoland trailer shows the lifespan of action adventure games


Originally a winning title for the Ludum Dare game jam, Evoland has evolved (sorry) in a fully-fledged game and one near ready for release. There’s a great conceit at the core of Evoland, starting off as a monochrome top-down action adventure game akin to the Zelda and Final Fantasy games on the NES, players unlock more modern game builds as they play. So soon you’re playing in colour, then in isometric 3D, then in full 3D, and the battle modes and features update to fit the visual changes.

Check out how it works in the trailer below.

Evoland is currently heading towards a release next month. Though you don’t need to wait that long to try something out of itfor yourself as the originalLudum Dare game that started it allis onDeveloper Shiro Games’ website.

Evoland is currently in the top 50 games on Steam Greenlight, you can give them a helping hand on getting approved.